How to start Minikube on Mac with VMWare Fusion

Behrad Kazemi
2 min readNov 10, 2019

After 2 days struggling with VMs and docker and all these stuff finally I started Minikube shit!
and here is my walk through:

1- Open

Documentation > Tasks > Install Tools > Install Minikube

2- Install Kubectl

so you need to install ’kubectl’ at first. skip all of those shits and just run:

brew install kubectl

3- Install Hypervisor

I Installed VMware Fusion but so follow my isntuction:

1- Download VMware from link below:

and I bet you don’t know where the hell is it and you try to open downloads tap but don’t do it! honestly i’m wondering what kind of person can design a download button like this he was probably playing with his balls, I guess.

Ok! download the VMware Fusion and install it.

2- Download an OS .iso file and install it on the VMware Fusion like a boss.

(you can download ubuntu from :

3- Update your Docker and KVM2:

curl -LO \ && sudo install docker-machine-driver-kvm2 /usr/local/bin/

4- Install minikube:

using this command :

brew install minikube

5- Create a profile:

minikube profile nlx

and finally do the finisher to it

6- Start minikube:

minikube start

enjoy !